Gold or Platinum?

Is it time to ask the most important question you’ve ever asked in your life? If you said yes, and you’re also hoping your special person says yes, then this article is just right for you. The perfect wedding ring is just around the corner in Williamsburg, Virginia. Find the best wedding ring sets williamsburg va has to offer and give the love of your life the surprise of theirs. To help you along the journey, let’s look at the difference between gold and platinum rings as well as some advantages and disadvantages of each.

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The color of each metal is its foremost defining characteristic. Gold is naturally yellow, while platinum is white. Therefore, gold rings are best when yellow is preferred. However, those that prefer white wedding bands have the choice of platinum of white gold. White gold has the same purity as yellow gold, but the alloys blended into them differ to give the gold a difference in color.

White gold rings are prone to wear and tear. The plating of white gold will fade over time to reveal a yellow color underneath the white. This can be easily fixed by re-finishing and re-plating the ring. It will look white again and shine like it did on the very first day you brought it home. Platinum will never fade, so you won’t have to worry about colors changing and needing to be re-finished.

Platinum rings tend to be more expensive because the concentration of the alloy is higher than in gold rings. 14k gold is typically 58.5% pure, while 18 k gold is 75% pure. Platinum rings are usually 95% pure platinum, leading to this price difference in rings. Platinum may be the more expensive option, but it lasts much longer than white gold and is more durable.  However, platinum tends to scratch easier.

When giving your loved one a ring of any kind, consider the metal and what you want your partner to wear on their finger for the rest of their life.