Be A Man & Do Give Yourself A Haircut

It is not exactly a new term, but it has been bandied about quite a bit in the last ten, fifteen, twenty years or so – at the time of writing. As an elected office bearer, you may have been required to give your nation a haircut. This became a metaphor for those countries that fell into severe financial difficulties and subsequently acted with high levels of responsibility and sacrifice to rectify dire circumstances by taking the proverbial plunge and giving all and sundry its overdue haircut.

It is a curious metaphorical reference, to be quite honest with you, because the taking of the haircut should be like experiencing a welcome breath of fresh air. At the beginning of a new year, the return to work for many hardworking men, the nervy but exciting start of a new semester, fathers and sons go on kindred spirited outings to take their traditional mens and boys haircuts plano tx.

Because they are decent and take pride in their appearance, they go in for the standard short, back and sides cut. Tough and hard nuts to crack types of guys go in for that shave. Not quite all off, but there you go. No blow drying, if you please, we are men, in case you have not noticed. Cowboys by choice, cowboys by tradition, all looking very presidential indeed, their barbers leave enough space for them to comfortably place their wide-brimmed hats.

mens and boys haircuts plano tx

But there is still plenty of room for the well-healed gentleman and the Ivy league collegiate to enjoy a new, fashionable style. All the men, young and old, are not mommies’ boys, and don’t you dare go calling them that, whether they like it or not, end up making their mommas quite proud.